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Double-effect falling film evaporator
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The scope of application of the
Concentration is widely suitable for glucose, starch sugar, maltose, sorbitol, oligosaccharides, milk, fruit juice, vitamin C, maltodextrin, aqueous solution. It can be widely used for wastewater treatment of monosodium glutamate, alcohol, fish meal and other industries.
The equipment for continuous operation in vacuum and low temperature conditions, with high energy consumption, evaporation capacity, low operation cost, can maximum keep processed material original color, flavor, and composition. Evaporation in many industries of food, biological, deep processing, food beverage, light industry, environmental protection, chemical industry, water or organic solvent solution concentration are widely used.

The composition of the system
The equipment consists of Ⅰ effect heater, separator, condenser, heat pumps, vacuum system, sterilizer, insulation pipe, pump, pump, valves, piping and instrument cabinet. All the equipment and material contact is made of high-quality stainless steel.

falling film evaporator characteristics:
1 equipment of the heating system for steam heating uniformity, liquid to liquid film flow evaporation, so it has high heat transfer efficiency, short heating time main features. If the configuration of heat pumps, more energy consumption, steam consumption is low, the advantages of low cooling water circulation.
2 material downward along the inner wall of the pipe pressure flow accelerated evaporation, adapt to the viscosity of the liquid evaporation.
3 due to material in each tube film type evaporation, liquid heating time is very short, so in particular the food concentrating very favorable, greater preservation of the nutritional composition of food.
4 evaporation under vacuum, ensures that the material requirements of health, while ensuring the requirements of environmental protection, but also greatly reduces the evaporation temperature, equipped with hot pump, part two steam through the heat pump to suction and steam mixture, which saves the steam, the steam jet pump is by hot pressing the mist into the heating shell, steam quickly spread, liquid mild heating concentrated, so suitable for heat sensitive materials.
5 equipment suitable for foaming material is evaporated and concentrated, the liquid in the heating pipe is formed into membrane evaporation, vapor liquid separation, at the same time in the bottom effect, feed most is removed, only a few feed liquid and all two steam enters the separator separation, liquid whole process has not formed too big impact, to avoid the formation of the bubble.
6. for food evaporation, equipment can also have the functions of sterilization, the material first preheating, and then enter the sterilizer, reach above 94 degrees, for 24 seconds, enter a efficiency, materials quickly flash, temperature transient decline.
The 7 device can be equipped with CIP cleaning system, the cleaning in place, complete sets of equipment, convenient operation, no dead angle.
8 equipment of continuous feeding and discharging.
9 devices can be configured to achieve automation system, feeding automatic control, automatic control of heating temperature, feed concentration automatic control, automatic control, cleaning, but also the protection measures for sensitive material with a sudden power outage, failure. Other security, alarm, automatic operation, control.
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