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Reverse osmosis water treatment technology
Reverse osmosis water treatment technology, is the most advanced and most energy efficient membrane separation technology. The principle is that the role of osmotic pressure above the solution, on the basis of other substances can not be separated from the material separated from water. As the reverse osmosis membrane pore size is very small (only about 10A), it can effectively remove the dissolved salts, colloid, microorganism, organic matter (removal rate as high as 97%-98%). Reverse osmosis is a desalting technology at present high pure water equipment widely used in separation, which is the object of organic compounds in the range of ions in the solution and the molecular weight of hundreds of; reverse osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration (UF), microporous membrane filtration (MF) and electrodialysis (EDI) belongs to the membrane separation technology technology.
Reverse osmosis system design.
1 raw water supply unit: raw water may be groundwater, tap water, reservoir water or other water source, but in general the reverse osmosis system has a storage tank. In the system design to consider when to avoid the two pollution, prevent sand, dust and other mechanical impurities and fermentation, algae biological pollution.
2 pretreatment system: for the raw water to water quality index and water features, set the pretreatment system reasonably, ensure after water pretreatment to reverse osmosis system for COD, SDI, residual chlorine and LSI requirements. For some water, the pretreatment process and pollution factors of different removal effect will affect the reverse osmosis membrane element type, quantity and residue whose choice system. Then the reverse osmosis system being used more and more in the ground. Surface water and reuse the sewage situation, in order to ensure the performance and efficiency of the system, recommends the membrane pretreatment (UF / MF)
3 high pressure pump system: high pressure pump system pressure (head) and the flow rate of the main basis to select the operation in accordance with design software simulation results hyde. In order to ensure the system is safe and reliable, and the actual selection, can be calculated based on the recommendation to improve the 10% head and flow specification. In the reverse osmosis high-pressure pump requirements corrosion pump performance highly stable. The pump system in general by the water pump and high pressure pump. Feed water pump to the security filter, high pressure pump for water supply and low pressure flush. Then the high-pressure pump outlet to install manual pressure regulating valve and electric valve slowly. Manual pressure regulating valve for regulating the pump power, the electric valve water hammer phenomena can prevent the high-pressure pump starts when.
4 RO membrane element: RO membrane unit consists of a pressure vessel, membrane element, pipeline and concentrated water valve and so on, is the core of reverse osmosis system.
5 instrumentation and control system: in order to device capable of safe and reliable operation, easy to process monitoring, the general should be equipped with a thermometer, pH meter, pressure gauge, flow meter, conductivity meter, oxidation reduction potentiometer instrument
6 water storage unit: water storage tank (tank) mainly consider prevent pollution two
7: cleaning unit for chemical cleaning and sterilizing film.
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