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JT-RO-13T H pure modular unit
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Product introduction:

reverse osmosis with enough pressure so that the solution of the solvent (usually refers to water) by reverse osmosis membrane (or membrane) and separated, it is called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis desalting technology is efficient, the removal of inorganic ions, bacteria, bacteria, organic matter and colloid and other impurities, in order to obtain the high quality of pure water. Different materials have different osmotic pressure, can reverse osmosis method using greater than osmotic pressure to achieve the separation, extraction, purification and concentration to.

Technology and characteristics of

membrane separation:

membrane separation is appeared in the 20 at the beginning of the century, 20 60 century in Xun, a new separation technology speed rise. Membrane separation technology as both separation, concentration, purification and refining function, and high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, simple, molecular and filtration process, easy to control, therefore, is widely used in food, medicine, biology, environmental protection, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, petroleum, water treatment, electronic, bionic and other fields, have great economic benefits and social benefits, has become one of the most important means of modern separation science.
membrane separation technology include : widely used reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and other products.


food, beverage industry water
beverage, dairy, brewing, compounding, blending water, water low alcohol beer filtration
bottled, bottled drinking water
pure drinking water, natural water, mineral water, mineralized water
medical pharmaceutical industry water
medical transfusion, injection agent, biochemical products of water, medical sterile water and artificial kidney condensate water
electronic industrial water
single crystal semiconductor, integrated circuit block, tube ultra pure water system of
electric power industry
heat, fire, boiler water supply system
chemical industry
chemical process, chemical, fine chemical, cosmetics manufacturing process water system of
industrial products and painting water, household appliances, automobile building materials products surface coating, cleaning, coating glass and batteries for pure water system of
chemical, pharmaceutical separation and concentration of
Separation and purification, reactive dye desalting, electroplating wastewater recycling, recovery of soybean protein, seaweed extract mannitol
family, a group of water purification equipment,
building, community, hotels, airports, real estate property and high quality water supply to
network system and swimming across the pool water purification equipment

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