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Membrane concentration
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membrane separation system has advantages:
1, implementation summary
filters with different levels of
system shows the characteristics of membrane separation technology, the sterilization and filtration, clarification, separation, purification function of membrane filtration, concentration and different filtration level implementation summary process, realize the true sense of the superiority of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, integration of reverse osmosis membrane technology.
2, high flux and antifouling properties, good film properties of regenerated
core membrane element, ceramic membrane (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, composite) will have high stability, high throughput and high anti pollution performance. Organic ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis membrane system components. The film products of world famous film production company, make sure that you get the best performance of organic membrane elements of the world.
3, advanced technology and mature technology
system process by the company of professional technicians and senior engineer design, compared with the traditional filter, extraction and concentration process, the integrated system of advanced technology, mature technology, significantly improve the quality of the products.
4, unit flexibility and stability
each level of filtration membrane systems are self operating unit, which can realize the continuous industrialized production, can also be based on flexible to optimize the production needs, the system gradually enlarged extremely convenient.
5, material and structure of
Scarlett integrated membrane
separation system using food or medical grade stainless steel elaborate, reasonable layout, compact structure, beautiful appearance, covers an area of less.
6, control system
in order to ensure the accurate and easy to operate and maintain the membrane system, on the company will according to the specific needs of users, personalization and standardization design, operation and maintenance platform provides the best for each customer, and the membrane system of important operating parameters on line monitoring, the maximum extent to ensure the stable operation of membrane system.
7, economic benefit of
due to run and operation of membrane system is of low cost, the production cycle and the investment recovery period is short, the quality of products and production efficiency is high, so it can significantly improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
social benefits The system had integrated membrane
, will effectively alleviate the waste emissions in the traditional technology, significantly decrease the content of COD and BOD the total discharge of waste water and waste water, significant social benefits.
Application of
Zhejiang Jia membrane multifunctional membrane separation system:
fermentation, bio pharmaceutical, food industry, deep processing of tea, natural pigment, proprietary Chinese medicine, deep processing of agricultural products, beverage industry, natural plant extracts, chemical industry etc..
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