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Automatic fermenter
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mechanical mixing fermented in stainless steel tanks

nominal volume:   5L-10000L

ratio of diameter to height:   1:2-3;   liquid coefficient: 70%     

tank           high quality stainless steel body: SUS316L or SUS304, the operation is convenient in cleaning; stainless steel polishing precision Ra≤ 0.4;

        machine: Germany SEW motor or rare earth DC motor; automatic control setting range.

        gas: rotor flow meter display, according to process requirements, control the gas flow rate;

stirring system:     top mechanical stirring system, German technology of mechanical seal, reliable performance;

mixing form:   straight blade impeller (level two), mechanical compression type defoaming pitch (a level). Otherwise inclined blade, curved blade, axial flow blade, optional.

PH control function: the imported original Swiss Mettler electrode, automatically adding acid, alkali peristaltic pump, accurate control of pH, the display range: 0.00~14.00± 0.01, full automatic control range: 2.00~12.00± 0.05;

DO control function: the imported original Swiss Mettler electrode, and speed (air flow, feeding and optional) association control, 0-150± 3%, 0.1% display precision;

temperature control: a large area of the stainless steel jacket heat exchange area, adequate automatic control, temperature control of cooling water temperature +5℃ ~65℃ ± 0.2℃


fill         material: full automatic setting of peristaltic pump switch control, automatic feeding and metering.

pressure control: manual control (optional automatic control), instrument display.

foam control: electrode detection, a peristaltic pump fill defoamer, automatic control;

ZJBLBIO-A type, C type, D type control system is optional. Germany Siemens series PLC control system and touch screen LCD display and operation, the Chinese menu and interface; data transmission can be carried out using USB, sampling and display the data, through analysis of system data, reading a set.

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