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Complete emulsification equipment
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technology parameters of
This machine is composed of high viscosity mixing blade mixer for uniform and small high-speed stirring with strong shearing type homogeneous mixer combined into one. Blade agitator weeks outside with the scraper, squeegee can scrape the surface ever produced by the disposing liquid.
By scraping by processing liquid through the fixed blade and rotary vane shearing, compression, folding, the mixing, kneading and downward flow to homogeneous blender container below the energy to the role position.
Homogeneous mixer mixing part is composed of stator with high speed unique turbine with radial fracture flow plate. Turbine at the bottom and upper part through a high-speed rotating turbine produces pressure difference as Lang drum (pump) in operation function, continue to be processed liquid suction to the above. Attracted by liquid became strong shearing, shock, turbulence generated by between turbine and stator rotating in high speed in the process are processed on the stator, which is fine and dispersed, and from above the jet to jet.
As mentioned above, features from a homogeneous mixer and blade agitator with their respective complement each other, doubling effect, can deal with high grain size emulsifying and mixing.
the other features of
1, super high viscosity material (above 50000C.P.S) stirring easily.
2, raw materials can be used directly into the slot machine.
3, the machine can be used for vacuum, heating, cooling, consistent operation.
4, the particle, emulsifying, stirring, mixing, dispersion can be in a short period of time to complete.
5, the mixer and paddle mixer can be used separately.
6, all the button type automatic operation, in addition to the time control, and has characteristics of the recording products.
7, the liquid is stainless steel, to prevent corrosion of materials.
8, vacuum mixing can be reduced by mixing air pollution to ensure that products health, sterile, stability.
9, automatic cleaning device to improve the cleaning liquid part.
Paint, food, medicine, cosmetics, paints, dyes, chemical raw materials.
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