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Sanitation grade magnetic stirrer
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overview: developed the new sanitary magnetic stirrer, is one of the most ideal products to solve the aseptic production process of pharmaceutical industry. The magnetic driving device, no mechanical seal, without leakage. Ensure customer products in aseptic safety state. Instead of mechanical stirrer leakage, not online cleaning, sterilization and other defects, especially suitable for aseptic requirements higher and industry demanding, widely used in biological products, blood protein, cell suspension, insulin infusion, etc..

features: unique aseptic open design of
KNCJ series magnetic stirrer impeller design. Produce different pressure in the rotation process. In order to ensure the liquid from the impeller under upward rotating vortex, so as to ensure the liquid mixed fully continuous and uniform to prevent a bubble, in order to avoid material partial layer phenomenon.

Suitable for online cleaning / disinfection CIP  /  SIP
The impeller flow channel type and open type design, can completely online self cleaning / online sterilization of CIP / SIP, instead of a magnetic stirrer impeller damage by artificial removal, cleaning and sterilization of Bush not online defect.

Magnetic driving device, ensure no leakage of
The magnetic driving device, no shaft and shaft seal structure, ensure no leakage, eliminate cross contamination.

Technical characteristics: capacity:

Impeller: open sterile design
Material: contact the liquid part adopts 316L
Sleeve: silicon carbide, tungsten carbide
Operating temperature: 225℃
Surface roughness: mechanical polishing: Ra≤ 0.4μ m
Electrolytic polishing: Ra ≤ 0.2μ m

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